Session Organizers

Susan Crook (Loras College)
Email: Susan dot Crook at loras dot edu

David Failing (Lewis University)
Email: dfailing at lewisu dot edu

Russ Goodman (Central College)
Email: GoodmanR at central dot edu

Mami Wentworth (Wentworth Institute of Technology)
Email: wentworthm1 at wit dot edu

Session Abstract

Faculty are eager to offer activities in the classroom that foster student success, but many are not formally trained in pedagogy. This session will consist of presentations of demonstrably effective and innovative classroom techniques. Talks will address the reasoning behind, design, and implementation of resources or activities. While these activities may be whole course techniques, we also seek presentations of drop-in activities to bolster student learning and reflection in any course. Techniques do not have to be original to the presenter, but sources must be credited and evidence of success (or failure and redesign) is expected. To maximize the session's usefulness, a Google Drive folder will be created and shared as a repository for the speakers' slides and supplementary materials.

Mathfest 2017 Speaker Slides

2018 Schedule of Talks

Session A - Thursday, August 2 from 9:00 - 11:55am, Governor's Square 12

Exploration of Methods in the Teaching of Pre-Calculus (Slides)
Keith Carlson, University of Central Florida

Spicing up a Developmental/First Year Algebra Classroom (Slides)
Gowribalan Ananda Vamadeva, University of Cincinnati

(To access all resources listed in the talk, download this zip file and place the Slides in the same directory.) (CANCELLED) The Integration of Mathematics and Science: A Plan for a High School Integrated Pre-Calculus and Physics Course
Courtney Fox, Clermont Northeastern Schools

Effective Methods forImprovingStudent Retention and Progression (Slides)
Ciarán Mac an Bhaird, Maynooth University

Supporting College Algebra Students' Study of Mixture and Motion Problems (Slides)
Erin R. Moss, Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Promoting the Use of Multiple Representations in the College Algebra Classroom (Slides)
Jordan R. Hall, University of Colorado Denver

TACTivities for elementary teachers (Slides)
Angie Hodge, Northern Arizona University

Team-Based Learning Calculus (Slides)
Anna Seitz, Iowa State University; Heather Bolles, Iowa State University; Amanda Baker, Iowa State University

Opening Gateways: Successful Activities and STEM Applications for Algebra and Trigonometry Courses (Slides and Opening Gateways Project)
Marianna Bonanome, New York City College of Technology

Session B - Thursday, August 2, from 1:30 - 6:05pm, Governor's Square 12

Building Community in the Classroom: Creating Classroom Culture and Establishing Community Norms (Slides)
Tian Yu Yen, University of Colorado Denver

Investigation of Inverted and Active Pedagogies in STEM Disciplines: A Preliminary Report A Preliminary Report (Slides)
Reza O. Abbasian, Texas Lutheran University; Michael L. Czuchry, Texas Lutheran University; John T. Sieben, Texas Lutheran University

Active Learning via Fill-in-the-blank Proofs in an Intro to Proofs course (Slides)
Charlotte Knotts-Zides, Wofford College

Projects Applying Linear Algebra to Calculus (Slides)
Jason Molitierno, Sacred Heart University

Embodied Activities: Engaging Students via Life Size Exploration (Slides and Additional Materials)
Sarah A. Nelson, Lenoir-Rhyne University

Intentionally Integrating Prior Knowledge into Daily Lessons (Slides)
Kristen Sellke, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

A SCALE-UP Instructional Model for Multivariate Calculus (Slides)
Gus Greivel, Colorado School of Mines; Scott Strong, Colorado School of Mines

Sort The Sequences (Slides)
Sarah Wright, Fitchburg State University

Instructors? Experiences using Primary Source Projects in mathematics classrooms (Slides)
Daniel E. Otero, Xavier University; Dominic Klyve, Central Washington University; Nicholas A. Scoville, Ursinus College; Diana White, University of Colorado Denver

Engaging Students With Augmented Reality (Slides and Worksheet)
Nora Strasser, Friends University

Drawing-to-Learn activity as a cognitive tool in undergraduate mathematics (Slides)
Mile Krajcevski, University of South Florida

Making Connections with Card Sorts (Slides)
Carrie Muir, Whatcom Community College

Transforming Mathematics Assessments to Drive Better Learning (Slides)
Lisa Bromberg, United States Military Academy - West Point; Kayla Blyman, United States Military Academy - West Point; Kristin Arney, United States Military Academy - West Point

Oral Assessments: Helping Students Make Connections (Slides)
mary A. nelson, George Mason University